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For Veterinarians

Natural Ophthalmics eye drops are also great for animals.

For Doctors

Deliver Safe Effective Eye Care Products to Your Patients


Q- “How often can I use these drops?”

A- As often as necessary. You should let your symptoms be your guide. Since these drops stimulate your body’s own ability to eliminate symptoms, you should use them as soon as you notice the symptoms returning.


Q- “After using these drops my eyes seem less dry and tired – why?”

A- We include “Euphrasia,” known as “Eyebright,” which has a long history as a “tonic for the eyes” helping to vitalize your eyes and relieve dryness and redness.

Dry Eye:

Q- “I can buy eye drops cheap in the stores, why should I go to my doctor to get Natural Ophthalmic eye drops?”

A- Natural Ophthalmics’ drops are professional quality drops and have at least nine advantages over drug store drops and other homeopathic drops. Other than the points above, a few examples include: preservative free; 15 ml bottle gives you more for your money; stronger, symptom specific formulas; powerful potencies; ok with contact lenses in; safe for children & pregnant, nursing women; no rebound redness effect.

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For Everyone

A Full Range of All Natural Professional Eye Care Products.

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For Pets

Natural Ophthalmics eye drops are great for animals. Talk to your veterinarian to learn more.

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  • David P. Relling, DVM

    Your drops are like miracle drugs for dry eye. I have had dry eyes ever since I moved to Phoenix in 1995. After using the Natural Ophthalmics drops forthe past 6 months I have found that I no longer have the severe feeling that I would get in the middle of thenight. Your drop has tremendously helped with reducing the severity of my dry condition.

About Us


To make “Natural Eye Care” a standard treatment option for doctors to deliver to their patients


We combine the best of the natural healing techniques into one comprehensive turn-key system for doctors to easily incorporate into their practices. Our “natural eye health treatments” provide doctors the tools to deliver expert natural care. Our protocols cover the most common acute and chronic conditions from dry eye to macular degeneration. These products stimulate and support the body’s self-healing capabilities.