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Cataract Treatment FAQ

Q: How often do I use these drops?

A:Instill 1-2 drops in each eye three times per day or as often as needed to relieve dry red, tired eyes.

Q:How long do I need to use the drops?

A:Cataracts occur slowly and are expected to improve slowly. Use the drops for six to nine months then return to your doctor for evaluation. Patients often report within weeks that visual acuity is improved, colors are brighter and glare is not so bothersome - these phenomena are unexplainable as cataracts come on slowly and it also takes time for the body to counteract them.

Q:After using these drops my eyes seem less dry and tired - why?

A:We include Euphrasia, also known as Eyebright, which has a long history as a tonic for the eyes helping to vitalize your eyes and relieve dryness and redness.

Q:How are these drops different than other eye drops?

A:Our powerful broad spectrum homeopathic formula triggers the body's mechanisms to halt and reverse cataracts, not just offer symptomatic relief. Our drops are preservative free, pH balanced, isotonic and feel wonderful to use. Our 1/2 oz. bottle is the most economical available.

Q:Will I have to get cataract surgery some day?

A:Not necessarily. After using these drops for six to nine months, you and your doctor will be able to tell if your body is responding and stopping the cataract. If you are not consuming the nutrients that your eyes need, you should also take the Total Ocular Function Oral Absorption Spray containing potent vitamins, herbs and minerals necessary to maintain a healthy and clear crystalline lens.

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