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Ortho-K Treatment Eye Drops

Thick and Thin Formulas

Q: How are these drops different from other eye drops?

A: Most other eye drops are lubricant artificial replacement tears. Our drops do not attempt to replace tears, but work therapeutically to stimulate your eyes to moisturize with their own mechanisms. This should be the first line of treatment, especially before prescription anti-inflammatory drugs such as Restasis, which suppress the immune system and can cause side effects.

Q: How often can I use these drops?

A: The Thick Gel is to be used just before going to bed. They can be reapplied in the middle of the night if needed. Use the Thin drops as often as necessary. In fact you should let your symptoms be your guide. Since these drops stimulate your body's own ability to eliminate symptoms, you should use them right when you first notice the symptoms returning.

Q: I can buy eye drops cheap in the stores, why should I go to my doctor to get Natural Ophthalmic eye drops?

A: Natural Ophthalmics' drops are professional quality drops and have at least nine advantages over drug store drops and other homeopathic drops. Other than the points above, a few examples include: preservative free; 15 ml bottle gives you more for your money; stronger, symptom specific formulas for men & women; powerful potencies; ok with contact lenses in; safe for children & pregnant, nursing women; no rebound redness effect.

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