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Ortho-K Treatment Eye Drops

Thick and Thin Formulas

The leading challenges for contact lens patient compliance are dry eye, allergy, foreign body sensation and inflammation.

These drops contain powerful ingredients to stimulate tear film production, counteract irritation, halt allergies and reduce foreign body sensation. Homeopathic Calendula is known to support corneal health and is indicated for corneal abrasions and erosions. The Thick formula reduces mechanical irritation. The clarifying Thin formula Drop is preservative free and used as often as needed to alleviate dry, red, itchy, irritated eyes and is also OK with soft contacts. Homeopathic drops are safe for children and nursing/pregnant women.

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How are these drops different from other eye drops?
How often can I use these drops?
I can buy eye drops cheap in the stores, why should I go to my doctor to get Natural Ophthalmic eye drops?

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