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Total Ocular Function


Q: How is this nutraceutical different from other vitamins?

A: The Total Ocular Function oral spray contains fourteen of the most powerful and important ingredients for the eyes. With oral absorption the ingredients go directly through the mucosa and into the blood stream. This results in several times higher blood levels than by swallowing pills. For example, the spray delivers ten milligrams of Lutein - you would have to take over sixty milligrams in a tablet to get the same blood levels as in our spray.

Q: How often should I use the Spray?

A: The daily dose is six sprays. It is best to spread out the application by taking two sprays three times per day.

Q: Who should use this Spray?

A: Anybody with any kind of eye problem and who wants to "turbo-charge" their dietary supplementation and reduce the number of pills to take. It is specifically important for older people who don't absorb nutrients well via the digestive system. It is important for people who have taken antibiotics which eliminate the beneficial bacteria in the colon or have other digestive problems.

Q: What are the ingredients for?

A: Rutin, Quercetin and Vit-C for the crystallin lens; Lutein, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Zeaxanthin for power anti-oxidation; Ginko to improve blood flow; Coleus Forskohlii to improve the integrity of the very fine capillaries; Tylophora Asthmatica for modulating the aqueous and the related intraocular pressure.

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